Caryl Martin
Caryl has been a writer from a young age. She kept a diary throughout her childhood. One time, her grandma found her diary and saw all of the hateful things she wrote about her. Being upset, her grandma threw her diary away.
Interviewer - Jeromy Winter

Caryl has taught first graders for 15 years, and previously preschoolers for 10 years. She is here because Jeromy made her attend. Really, Caryl is here because her class this year consists of eighteen boys and seven girls, and she needs to "hook in" and engage those students as writing is her passion. One of her male students shared that he preferred blogging to drawing on a computer because "he could hear other people's thoughts" by learning how to read and write, a very insightful comment!
Interviewer - Cindy Capuchino

Caryl is the oldest teacher at her site, even older than the principal. She started teaching later in life, as she has always been a late bloomer. She forces herself to take risks, like taking the Tech boot camp and learning as much as she can about technology so that she can keep up with her students. She is looking forward to trying both wikispaces and voicethread in her classroom. So keep watching to see her progress.........
contributed by Caryl Martin

Just returned rfom the CMP meeting at Davis CA with Jeromy Winter. Such great writing friends. We learned so much, shared, and became better writing buddies. Anyone want to go in October, let me know. It is so worth it!

Have been blogging with my first graders since Oct. 2010 - check it out!