Erin Deis

Erin is a wonderful warm person. Getting toknow her has been like snuggling up in a soft blanket by a warm fire. She has done some amazing things. I think that is why I am so attracted to her and find her so interesting. She has taught in the inner city school system of L.A. She has worked for a studio and has even worked with George Clooney, which she wasn't allowed to have eye contact with him. She know lives in Selma and teaches at Selma High School. She lives in her grandmother's house. Although she's just a small town girl, Erin has travelled extensively including time in the USSR as a foreign exchange student in Fresno's sister city and several weeks in Guatemala to study Spanish. She would like to return to Russia in order to gather soil from her family's homeland to place on her grandparent's grave sights in a similar fashion to the character in "Everything is Illuminated." Btw if you have not seen this movie or read the book, get to it; it's good stuff!