Jaclyn Smith has been teaching 11. She began with her student teaching at Bullard High School, then taught at the following schools: Clovis High 2 years, Clovis East 4 years, Orange Cove High 1 year, Dinuba High School 4 years.

Jackie has been married to Ryan Smith for 8 years. They live in Fresno- because she likes the accessibility to "cultural" events including Beer Fest at Chuckchasi park. She loves to shop at Whole Foods and farmers market--and drinks a kale smoothy every morning.
Jaclyn Smith Is a vegan with musical tastes in Dance Music. You can find Jackie watching 30 Rock and The Big Bang Theory. One thing on her bucket list is to live in Paris for at least one year because she loves the European lifestyle.

Jackie has a great sense of humor--and she is creative and sneaky in her creation of profiles on this wiki.

I asked Jackie when it is that she feels loved. Jaclyn told me that she felt very loved last week when her husband did the dishes, vacuumed, and stacked all of her things in her office. When she walked in the door he hugged and kissed her. She felt loved because she knew he did these things to reduce some stress on her. AWWWWWW! :)
Feel the love.

Jackie is a wonderful teacher and colleague; she makes working at DHS wonderful!