Jeromy Winter was born to be a teacher. From an early age he was always the "teacher". Kids from the neighborhood became his students; sometimes reluctantly. However, Jeromy did not give up. He began his education to become a teacher by taking classes while he worked with Developmentally Disabled adults. He received his teaching credential from Fresno State and began his illustrious career as a first grade teacher at Kingburg Elementary, where he was not allowed to reach his potential.

A dream of Jeromy's is to go to Australia with his family and see the Great Barrier Reef. He'd like to snorkel with his children and wife. While in Australia, he'd also like to travel through the untamed Australian wilderness to see Ayers Rock and a Tasmanian Devil in the wild. He would most likely write a children's picture book based on his adventures--perhaps from the perspective of a fish or a Devil.

Jeromy's compassion for others, both young and old, shines through in his words and actions. Everyone leaves his presence feeling happier for having spent time with him. This is probably why parents fight to get their students in Jeromy's class, and why he makes friends easily wherever he goes: because he treats others with love and respect.

And...he makes EXCELLENT margaritas!!!