Kathee Godfrey

Kathee Godfrey, along with Joanne McKay, is co-director of the San Joaquin Valley Writing Project, a local affiliate of the National Writing Project. A former middle school teacher, she now spends her time teaching English students at California State University, Fresno.

Kathee enjoys reading for personal and professional improvement. A few of her favorite writers are Willa Cather, Alice Munro, Louise Erdrich, Luci Tapahonso, and Li-Young Lee. She likes working out, blogging, and hanging out with friends.

Kathee loves traveling. She has lived in three different countries (the U.S., Portugal, and Norway), and she has an exciting trip planned. If you'd like to know when and where she's going, you'll have to ask her!

Kathee's tech buddy for this Bootcamp is Judith.

Hi Kathee, not sure if you'll see this any time soon, but just wanted to say hi and let you know that I am looking forward to learning more about VoiceThread on Saturday. Judith