Lesli Garst has been building and jumping fences her whole life.
  • Today she will be completing a 100 foot picket fence that she designed herself and built from scratch, using only her hand saw and power drill--a 30 year old drill she received from her 89 year old father who has "the best tools".
  • Her 87 year old mother helped her with the project!
  • Next up: Lesli will be making a Hay Barn!
  • She has four horses, one of which, a thoroughbred, she uses to jump!
  • She also has four dogs and two children, one of whom is going to get married in Puerto Vallarta--so Lesli doesn't have to help plan...woo hoo!
  • She lives on four acres, loves the book "The Shack" and the film "The Blind Side".
  • As a child, she was given building blocks and horses as gifts...not much as changed!
  • She lives a very full life, and she is a super sweet woman!

WOW!!!! Something new about Lesli - she is on a nutritional kick and feeling fantastic!!!!!!!!
She eats wholistic foods, eating only eight food items a day.
You rock, Lesli!!!!!!!!!