May 7, charge $30 (includes breakfast), 9-12:30.
8:00 - 8:45 Set Up
8:45 Register [Registration Table: Sheri and Kristie]
First Meeting: ED 173
Individual sessions (all computer labs): ED 157, ED 165, ED 169

9:00-10:00 Presentations: VoiceThread, Prezi, wikis, google docs, blogging, Animoto, Glogster
Erin, I'm wondering if we should have something on the program to rank which presentations people are most interested in. We could also put URLs in the program, so that if someone can't attend all the sessions they'd like, they can still find the website and teach themselves.

10-10:30 Small groups, reading jigsaw
Eric, I'm guessing we'll likely have about 20 mins. for this, since we'll need an introduction, explanation of how the day will work, etc.

All, if you aren't one of the presenters, could you "sign up" to be a helper in one of the rooms? Just put your name after the parentheses--and try to spread yourselves out.
10:30-11:30 Session 1
VoiceThread (Judith, Cindy, Lesli, Jeromy) helpers probably not needed here since there are already 4 presenters
Prezi (Kristi and Jackie) Helpers: (Erin)
Wikis (Eric) Helpers:

11:30-12:30 Session 2
Google Docs (Jackie and Eric) Helpers:
Blogging (Caryl and Kathee) Helpers:
Animoto (Erin) and Glogster (Sheri) Helpers:

This part doesn't need to be on the program; it's just for us. After we're done, let's take a few minutes to talk about the bootcamp BEFORE we start cleaning up . . .
12:30-1:00 debrief of Bootcamp participants

Sign Ups:
Will Judy be there? (Kathee)
How do we get access to the projector and screen (Kathee)

Demos (make sure your demo is 4 mins., we may want to embed links in a page so that when we show them we can do so without too much set up time for each):
Wikis [ Eric ]
VoiceThread (Judith, Cindy, Lesli, Jeromy)
Prezi (Kristi and Jackie)
Google Docs [ Jackie and Eric ]
Blogging [ Caryl and Cathee ]
Animoto [ Erin ] Glogster [ Sheri ]

Advertising (list places you can advertise and your name):
SJVWP listserv (Kathee)
English Credential listserv (Kathee)
Fresno County Office of Education - Lisa Benham/Shirley Hargis/Camilla Sutherland (Erin)
Individual schools/districts? Selma High School and Selma Unified School District (Erin)

Create flyer [ Jeromy ] Saturday Strategies 2.0
Online registration form [ Jeromy ]
Collect money (Kathee)
Program (for the actual day) [ Erin ]
Signs (on doors at CSUF) [ Judith ]
Codes for computer labs (Kathee and Judy)
Food [ Sheri and Kristie ]
Day of (turn on computers, check technology/room set up, food, signs on doors) [ Eric and Jeromy ]
Evaluation Forms [ Cindy ]