Sample Tech Bootcamp Instructions

San Joaquin Valley Writing Project
Sample Instructions for Tech Bootcamp I
Leader: Kate Rowe
October 18- October 31, 2010
What is a Prezi? How could you use it to make your teaching more dynamic and engaging for 21st-century learners?
Check out this Prezi I made and see what Prezi can do!
Directions for viewing Prezis: Click "More" and then "Full Screen" to view Prezis as they should be viewed.
Press the right arrow key to advance in the Prezi. Press Esc to exit.
To get started using Prezi to create powerful online prezentations, you should also first explore some Prezis created by others.
Tasks to complete during these two weeks:
1) Create a Prezi account (Get "Edu Enjoy". Get 500 MB for FREE when you use your school email address to sign up!)
2) Use the online tutorials to get started. (Note: Watch Basic Lessons 1-3. View/refer to these as you work on your Prezi).
3) Create a Prezi
    • Your Prezi should include text, pictures/clip art, and a video. Be sure to create a "path" that puts each item in the order you would want it to be presented.
      • The "Basic Lesson 1" Tutorial can show you how to do the things above.
      • If you want to get fancy, there are "Advanced" tutorials that can show you how to do more with your Prezi!
    • Note: There are a variety of ways you could use Prezi: 1) for your class/students, 2) with your department/colleagues, or 3) for personal use.
    • Feel free to comment below with questions or email me with your questions:
4) Share your Prezi with us! (To share your Prezi: Set your Prezi to "public" and then do a search for your Prezi--on the Prezi website. When you find your Prezi, copy the web address from your browser and paste the link as a comment below on this page).
5) View and then comment below on two or more other Prezis made by Tech Bootcamp members.
(Note: You may have to copy the web address posted by a group member and then paste it into your web browser in order to view it).
    • Remember PQP (when giving feedback)
      • Praise
      • Question
      • Polish