Sheri Xavier Grilione

Sheryl Ann Xavier Grilione has been working as a teacher for 5 years. Prior to teaching, she worked as a respiratory therapist for 10 years in the Central Valley.

As an educator, Sheri finds herself on the bookends of her English Department, teaching English 9HP and 12th Grade ERWC.

She is also the lead of the CSU Expository Reading and Writing Curriculum PLC at her school and works as a Project Director for CSU ERWC.

She is excited about some of the new modules she has been working on in the Medical Pathway:
  • Immunizations: Should We or Should We Not Immunize
  • Tapped: Tap Water vs. Bottled Water

When Sheri's not saving lives (either through education or CPR), she enjoys watching romantic comedies starring Alec Baldwin and/or Vince Vaughn. She recently discovered Netflix's Instant Download feature, and watched all four seasons of 30 Rock in 3 weeks.

Sheri hates running, but does it because she knows it is good for her "God Pod", and last fall completed the Morro Bay "Rock to the Rock" run. Her music taste is eclectic: her iPod has songs ranging in style from Canon in D to I Like Big Butts.

She has been happily married to a man she knew in high school for the past several years. She said she wouldn't have dated him in high school because he wasn't a baseball pitcher, and back then she was young and drawn to men who were cocky. She said she's done a lot of growing up since then, but her two sons keep her from taking herself too seriously.