• Check in on our wiki at least once every two weeks. Post a question or add to the answer of someone else's question.
  • Revise your profile. Include a picture either of yourself or of something important to you. Try including a link to an external site in your profile.
  • Read the articles posted on the articles page and respond to them in the discussion area.
  • Attend all scheduled meetings of the Tech Bootcamp
  • Create two VoiceThreads (one by March 12 and another by May 7). Post your VoiceThread on the VoiceThread page.
  • Participate in planning a presentation for our Technology Open Program on the wiki (this will be discussed during our March meeting)
  • Present (individually or in a group) about one way to use technology in the classroom (to be discussed during our March meeting)
  • Participate in our reflection and celebration meeting after the Open Program
  • Give support and encouragement to your tech buddy when needed


January 29, 2011: First Face-to-Face Meeting
  • Exploration of theory (Eric Wheeler): Why develop digital literacies? What can technology add to my classroom? How can technology be used to develop writing?
  • Introduction to the wiki and the outline of the Tech Bootcamp (Kathee Godfrey)
  • Introduction to Voicethread (Jeromy Winter)
  • Tech Buddy assignments
  • Homework (Jeromy): develop an individual VoiceThread
  • Homework (Kathee): Participate on our wiki by creating a "Frequently Asked Questions" guide to creating VoiceThreads. When you have questions or some difficulty in doing something on VoiceThread, ask a question on the Q&A page. Everyone can help create a straightforward, clear answer.
  • Homework (Eric): Read the "Let's Talk 2.0" article posted in the articles section and passed out during class. Respond to the discussion or start a discussion in the Discussion section of the Home page.

March 12, 2011: Second Face-to-Face Meeting
  • Exploration of theory (Eric Wheeler): What is collaboration? How is working in an online environment different from working in face-to-face groups? What principles should we remember (design or otherwise) in creating a VoiceThread for an educational setting.
  • Reflection (Jeromy): what did you learn from doing this project? What problems did you have? What successes? What do you want to remember to do with your next VoiceThread?
  • New Homework (Jeromy): create a new VoiceThread
  • Planning (Kathee): create outline of Open Program, choose applications, face-to-face planning with group, choose group leader
  • New Homework (Kathee): on the wiki, collaborate with your group on a presentation to be given at our Open Program on May 7. You may choose to do one of the following: wikis, VoiceThread, prezis, google docs, Diigo/Delicious, blogging, Animoto, Glogster, Audioboo, IPadio.

May 7, 2011: Open Program (subject to change)
  • Introductions, 15 minutes (Kathee)
  • Screening of Tech Applications, 30 minutes (Jeromy)
  • Theoretical foundations for using technology in the classroom, 30 minutes (Eric)
  • One hour session (choose two technologies to explore in greater depth)
  • One hour session (choose two technologies to explore in greater depth)
  • Evaluations/Reflection/Closing, 15 minutes (Kathee)
  • After OP: Tech Bootcamp II reflection and celebration (including lunch?)